How to Submit Your Club Game to jerryi


The winner of each qualifying ChessTempo club game needs to send an email to the email title should be PGN. All you need in your message is the completion date, White and Black player names and the result. You can submit more than one game each email. Please do not send duplicates. Only game winners should send the notification. If you do not have access to email, use our club gmail account to send the email. Here is an example email:






From: (or your email address)


Subject: PGN


   5 Oct 17:36 ct.jello (1509) ct.dumbo (1722) 1-0

   6 Oct 17:36 ct.purple (1541) ct.jello (1509) 0-1

   8 Oct 17:36 ct.jello (1509) ct.baloney (1722) 1-0





Open your email account, or open and sign in with:


   password: abc123

Click [Compose] to open a New Message window.

Address an email message to

   (The email Subject should be PGN).

Log in to Click Playing. Click the gold [>>] icon in upper right corner.

Click [History] to see your completed game list.


Click [View] next to your selected game.

Copy (ctrl-c)and paste (ctrl-v) the following items into your email:

Finished, date/time, White username, Black username, and Result, e.g:

   5 Oct 17:36 jerryi (1509) ct.dumbo (1722) 1-0

   6 Oct 17:36 ct.purple (1541) jerryi (1509) 0-1

   8 Oct 17:36 jerryi (1509) ct.baloney (1722) 1-0

Note: White username is always before Black username, whether you are playing White or Black.

Click [Send]; I will process your email and add your game file(s) to our collection.


Our game database results link is at the bottom of our web page.

You can see your animated game, using the [2017-18 Club Games] link on