How to Submit Your Club Game to jerryi


The winner of each qualifying conrad/tasby chess club must validate and upload the game as a pgn attachment to within 48 hours after completing the game. Failure to do so will render the game ineligible for credit. Indicate the White and Black player names in the title of your email. Upon receipt of the notification, I will credit your game and put it into our database. Games played online at ChessTempo can be submitted without documentation. I will simply log into your ChessTempo account and extract the game directly. You may submit several games in a single email, but games submitted more than 48 hours after completion will generally not be eligible for credit. For ChessTempo games you can fill out a game form and turn it directly during chess club meetings. Drawn games do not receive credit, but I encourage you to submit drawn games other than time-expired games for analysis and potential inclusion in our club game collection. Below is a sample email to submit a ChessTempo game. Please include names of white and black players and date for each game.


----------- Sample email --------------------




From: (or your email address)


Subject: ChessTempo Games


   5 Oct 2017 ct.jello vs. ct.dumbo

   6 Oct 2017 ct.purple vs. ct.jello

   6 Oct 2017 ct.jello vs. ct.baloney




      Android AN Verification (iPhone similar)


1. Add AnalyzeThis directory to Android phone.


Attach phone to PC.


Access phone's root directory


Add AnalyzeThis directory.


2. Create PGN file.


Open Analyze This app on your phone.


Hit 'nine-spot' icon, and hit 'New Board'.


Input your game move-by-move.


Hit 'nine-spot' icon and hit 'Save'.


Enter data: White, Black, Tournament, Place. Hit or enter 'Date'.


Hit 'Choose File'.


Hit AnalyzeThis directory


Hit 'three-spot' icon, and hit 'Create New PGN'.


Enter filename: e.g. jerry siang 090618


Hit 'OK'.


Popup Screen appears 'Save to jerry siang 090618.pgn


Hit 'Save'.


3. Email file to jerryi.


Open Gmail. Enter the following:




Subj: jerry siang 09162018.pgn


Hit 'paper-clip' icon


Find AnalyzeThis directory, and hit jerry siang 09162018.pgn


Hit paper-airplane icon to send email.




Instructions Regarding ChessTempo Online Games


Open your email account. If you don't have an email account, open and sign in with:


   password: chessclub

Click [Compose] to open a New Message window.

Address an email message to

   email Subject: ChessTempo - (your name)

Log in to Click Playing. Click the gold [>>] icon in upper right corner.

Click [History] to see your completed game list.


Click [View] next to your selected game.

Copy (ctrl-c)and paste (ctrl-v) the following items into your email: e.g.

   5 Oct 17 ct.jello (1509) ct.dumbo (1722) 1-0

   6 Oct 17 ct.purple (1541) jello (1509) 0-1

   6 Oct 17 jello (1509) ct.baloney (1722) 1-0

Note: White username is always before Black username, whether you are playing White or Black.

Click [Send]; I will process your email, add your game file(s) to our club games pgn file, and update our playing database.

Click Here to see all club games (animated).