SCID is a free chess program that we use regularly in chess club. You can also install SCID on your PC at home for additional chess study. The program will help you solve many of the problems that we assign in chess club. Use SCID to save and study the games that you play against the computer at home and in chess club.


1) [Click Here] to download the SCID installation program.


2) Then click on the downloaded file and follow instructions carefully to install the program.


After you install Scid you will need to configure the chess engine. Click Play > Computer-UCI Engine. In the Configure UCi game window, Select 'Seconds per Move' = '2'. Check 'Start from current position'. Remember to flip the board if necessary, so that your color is at the bottom of the board. That way the computer will play the correct side, Black or White. Click 'Play' in the configure window. Each time you decide to take a move back, it will stop the chess engine, so you will have to restart it by clicking Play > Computer-UCI Engine, and then you have to click 'Play' again in the Configure UCi game window.