Sail Away - A White Rock Boat Club Premium Membership Program


No boat? No problem! WRBC Sail Away program members have access to Three Flying Scots on a first-come, first-served reservation basis. The cost? $300 per year (The program is available only to White Rock Boat Club members).


Contact Jerry Isaacs, Sail Away Coordinator, for a free introductory sail: (214) 503 6619 home or (972) 567 7739 cell


Sail Away Reservation System Instructions


Sail Away Phone List


Sail Away Equipment Checklist


Sail Away Flying Scot Cast-off and Docking Procedures


Wednesday Evening Races - CSC Sailing Instructions


Countdown Timer Instructions


Don Bell's Corinthian


Corinthian Docking


Corinthian Specs


WRBC Membership Application


Sail AwayProgram Application


WRBC Sailing Curriculum


Corinthian Sailing Club Sunday Race Video


Sail Away Sailing Notes (by Jerry Isaacs)


Flying Scot Dimensions and Specs (by a previous owner of FS 337)


Knotical Knowledge


ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)


Corinthian Sailing Club Sunday Race Instructions


Texas Boating Safety Course (TBSC)


This FREE Online Course is approved by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) to satisfy certain mandatory State boating education requirements. Sail Away members must complete this course and submit a certificate of successful completion to be eligible for full participation in the Sail Away Program.



TPWD Fine Schedule


TPWD requires that all boaters on public lakes (including White Rock Lake) assume the responsibility to know and adhere to State Water Safety Regulations. The above link will help familiarize you with those requirements. Compliance with TPWD regulations may even save your life or the life of someone else on the water.


NOAA Chart One - 11th edition - A Guide to U.S. Paper Nav Charts and RNCs


Raster Navigational Charts (RNCs)are exact photographic copies of NOAA's latest updated Navigational Charts. RNCs for the entire United States (offshore and inland) can be downloaded at no cost from: NOAA's website


NOAA Chart One - 12th edition - A Guide to U.S. Paper Nav Charts, RNCs, and ENCs


This is an extremely large pdf file of the 12th Edition, and it takes several minutes to load. It is more than seven times as large as the 11th Edition Chart (See previous link). the 11th Edition does not include the new symbols on NOAA's vector Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs). If you do not use NOAA Vector Charts, I see no reason to download this huge file.


White Rock Lake Weather Data and Prediction Websites


Facing a sudden squall, drop the sails and ride it out on an anchor


WRBC Flying Scot Capsize Demo - July 4, 2013


WRBC Flying Scot Capsize Notes - Frank McCammon


WRBC Flying Scot Capsize Seminar - Preliminary Notes - July 20, 2013


WRBC Flying Scot Capsize Seminar - Follow-up Summary - July 20, 2013


YouTube - Dave King's Video of White Rock Boat Club's First Capsize Seminar - Righting A Capsized Scot With Masthead Flotation


YouTube - Righting a capsized Flying Scot without mast flotation


Another Good Capsize Recovery Article


YouTube - Righting a capsized Flying Scot with mast flotation


YouTube - Righting a turtled Flying Scot


This video has mysteriously been removed from YouTube. It showed the extreme difficulty in righting the boat and towing it back for pumpout and repair.


YouTube - Flying Scot Race Video - Lake Norman, Oklahoma


YouTube - Flying Scot Downwind Spinnaker Run - 2011 Challenger Series Race


More About Flying Scot Capsizing Issues (FSSA)


Raising the Flying Scot Mast


Boston Whaler Harpoon Manual


Flying Scot Tuning and Sail Trim by Harry Carpenter


Quantum Sails Flying Scot Tuning Guide


Mike Noone's Flying Scot Tuning Guide


Mad Sails Flying Scot Tuning Guide


North Sails Flying Scot Tuning Guide


Newcastle Sailing Club Flying Scot Guidelines


Washington Sailing Club Skipper Information


Washington Sailing Club Boat Use Policy


Washington Sailing Club Training Policy


San Juan Sailing Club Curriculum


Flying Scot Cruising


A Sail Away Program on a Grander Scale


Univ. of Florida Sailing Guide


Capri Manual


Learning to Sail – UCLA Manual


Sailing Primer


Sail Power by Wallace Ross – 1980 (out of print – Try Amazon or eBaby) Best Book on Sail Trim I’ve Seen.


NOAA Region 5 Coast Pilot - 2012


Sample USCG Marine Vessel Operator's License


Start Sailing Right is a 112-page paperback sailing manual published by the United States Sailing Association. I paid about six dollars for the 1997 version. Mark Smith and Derrick Fries are the principal contributors. The book weighs only 14 ounces.


Sleight – New Complete Sailing Manual – Hardbound – usually available for $20-25 on Amazon. I regard this book to be the best bargain available as a comprehensive sailing reference book. The 2005 edition weighs 3.1 pounds, which I regard to be “portable”. I have several new and used copies that you can buy for $10 to $12.


Chapman – Piloting and Seamanship – 66th Edition – typically $35-$40 on Amazon. This is generally acknowledged to be the U. S. Boating Bible, and is the basis for Coast Guard Pilot Certification programs. Warning: The book weighs 7.5 pounds. That fact alone discourages you from ever having the book readily available for reference, but if it isn’t in Chapman, you probably don’t need to know.