Thirty families were left homeless after a four-alarm apartment fire on January 25 in the Sable Ridge Apartments:


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Several families who lived where this pile of rubble now stands are part of the Hotchkiss/Lowe/Stone/Tasby/Conrad school community and need our assistance. Our contributions will help to reduce the pain and burden that approximately ten of our students are suffering. The Merriman Park Neighborhood Association (764 homes) has set a goal to raise $5000 for the American Red Cross; that charity is currently providing relief assistance to these fire victims. As of Wednesday, January 31 at 12:30 AM, $820 has been raised by The Merriman Park residents; the total has not changed in the last couple days. On Sunday, January 28, I talked to one victim of the fire, who told me that the Red Cross had given him $400, and had provided assistance in finding a nearby apartment for his family.


The students and faculty at Hotchkiss, Lowe, Stone, Tasby, and Conrad (approximately 4000 students and faculty) are embarking on a separate fundraising effort to identify and help all affected DISD student fire victims. We have set a separate goal to raise $5000. DISD endorses and is promoting and encouraging this civic effort by our students, and DISD will provide appropriate oversight to see that all funds accumulated via the project will be distributed appropriately.