Chess Tournament Preparation


Hotchkiss Endgame Studies


How to Write a FEN String


Cutting and Pasting FEN Strings Into Mayura


Mate-in-one Studies

These lessons for beginning chess players will:

   1) improve your end game,

   2) help you learn to analyze and find your best move,

   3) teach you algebraic notation.


How to Play Chess (


Mayura - A FREE chess program for Windows

 1) CLICK HERE to download

 2) Then click on the downloaded zip file to extract the contents.

 3) And then click on "install.exe" to install the program.


Instructions: Mayura Installation From Flash Drive


Silman Endgame Course    Silman FENs


László Polgár's '5334 Problems, Combinations and Games'


Chess Openings

Good Starts and Bad Starts


Jerry's Academic Chess Rank Database

Email me for further details re. access to this free academic chess ranking database for school chess clubs.


Additional Chess Resources

Resources for the academic chess community