Club Membership Levels/Goals - 01/08/2019

When you register for Chess Club you will immediately be given Probationary Member Status, and your coach will assign you a ChessTempo username and password. That allows you to participate in club activities. With appropriate study and practice you will then be promoted to Member or Senior Member Status. All Conrad/Tasby Chess Club players share the following Goals:


Goal 1 - (5 X 5) Five Active Online Games - 5 Moves Per Game

Play at least five moves each week against at least five Chess Club opponents. Maintain enough games against Club players to be able to achieve this goal. Coaches and Senior Members are required to respond at least daily to each of their online opponents. The list of coaches and senior members includes: Coach Jerry (jerryi), Coach Gibson (csgibson88), Mohammad (mohammad7), Coach Keonine (ct.keonine), Coach Mancuso (ct.mancuso), Coach Siang (ct.siang.c), and Zar (ct.zar.k). All Club Players (Probationary, Member, or Senior Member) are welcome and encouraged to challenge Club Members and coaches having a full spectrum of chess skill levels.


Goal 2 - (RD below 60) - Solve 14 ChessTempo Standard Tactics problems each week.

Maintain Active CT Tactics Status (RD below 60) and improve your chess skills for tournament competition.


Goal 3 - (Member) - Upon reaching Goals 1 and 2 you will be promoted to Member Status.

If you do not discipline yourself to work problems and play online games against other Club Members on a daily basis, you may be subject to dismissal from the Chess Club for lack of interest,


Goal 4 (Senior Member)- Work 1000 ChessTempo Standard Tactics problems to attain a ChessTempo Standard Tactics rating above 1200.

Senior members will be given Gold ChessTempo memberships. All Senior Members have a continuing responsibility to work toward improving their Tactics rating and to assist all other Club Members in improving their chess proficiency.


Every Club Member is required to make a reasonable effort to meet the above goals. Evidence of insufficient interest in chess may disqualify a Club Member for certain benefits such as participation in tournament activity. Continuing dereliction of these guidelines may result in dismissal from the Chess Club.