Win a $500 Scholarship for Dallas Chess Club Friday Night Tournaments


The Dallas Chess Club (DCC) in Richardson is about five miles north of Tasby. DCC conducts a USCF tournament from 6 to 10 PM almost every Friday evening. For serious chess enthusiasts, these tournaments are the best way to learn to play chess well. To participate, each participant needs to pay $22 each year in order to join the United States Chess Federation (USCF). He also needs to pay $15 each time he plays in the weekly tournament. When his USCF rating increases to 750, he is promoted from novice class, and he will have to pay a $100 annual fee to join DCC. I am guessing that it will take ten weeks or more to reach 750.


A special Scholarship Program has been set up for committed members of the Tasby/Conrad Chess Clubs. This scholarship will cover the $22 USCF annual fee in addition to the $15 weekly tournament fees for up to four students who cannot pay their own fees. Once he attains a 750 rating, the student will have to pay $100 each year to continue in the program. So plan on saving about $10 per week to be able to continue participating in tournament play. Note that in a year each scholarship recipient will pay an average of two dollars per week (100 dollars / 52 weeks per year). But the scholarship is really worth $500-600 for each serious scholarship recipient ($22 up front and then $15 x 36 weeks of participation per year = $562).