Scholarships for Dallas Chess Club Friday Night Tournaments - rev. 9/16/18


The Dallas Chess Club (DCC), at 200 S. Cottonwood Drive in Richardson, is about six miles north of Tasby. DCC conducts a USCF tournament (6:00 PM to 11:30 PM approx.) on most Friday evenings.


These tournaments are perhaps the best way to improve overall chess skills. Each participant needs to pay annual United States Chess Federation (USCF) dues of $22. He/she also needs to pay approximately $15 each time he/she plays in the weekly tournament. When his/her USCF rating increases to 750, any player will be promoted from novice class to intermediate class, and will have to pay a $100 annual DCC memberahip fee. It generally takes about 10 weeks to reach a 750 USCF rating.


A special scholarship program has been established for Tasby/Conrad Chess Clubs members. Each week, the program provides tournament transportation to and from Tasby for up to four students (parental permission required). Each prospective student will pay an initial fee of $22 for USCF Membership. That $22 fee will be refunded to each student who participates in three tournaments. The scholarship also pays the $15 weekly tournament fee for up to four students (for students who are not financially able to pay the weekly fee).


When a student attains a stable 750 USCF rating, that student will pay an annual fee of $100 to become a DCC member. So after a student obtains the $22 rebate, he or she will need to save about $8 per week for 10 weeks to be to pay the annual DCC fee. Any student who is interested in this program should contact a Conrad/Tasby chess coach directly.


Each student agrees to validate his/her weekly tournament games, and must email them in PGN format to by midnight on the first Wednesday after each tournament, so that the coach can add the verified games to our club game database. Students who fail to abide by this rule may be subject to disqualification from the program at the discretion of the coach.