Every chess player needs to study and memorize at least a few standard chess openings and variations. A good way to learn those openings is to build a repertoire database that you can practice in order to develop playing knowledge.


Which repertoires are more important - black or white?


If you play white, you usually have to play the repertoire that black chooses, e.g.

1.e4 -> Sicilian or French or Spanish or Italian or Pirc or Caro-Kann or Scotch or Modern or Alekhine or Scandinavian or ???

1.d4 -> Indian or Tarrasch or Slav or Dutch or Budapest or ???

1.Nf3 -> English or Reti or Bird or Lasen or KIA or ???


But if you play black, you can usually choose a specific opening, e.g.

1.e4 -> French

1.d4 -> Dutch

1.Nf3 -> KIA


So I believe that it is profitable to learn openings from black's viewpoint first. That way you can force your opponent to play an opening that you are familiar with about half the time. Your opponent may or may not be familiar with the opening that you prefer to choose.


ChessTempo Opening Training - 10/04/2018


ChessTempo recently introduced its Opening Training Program (BETA) to all ChessTempo members. If you have a sincere interest in playing better chess, I invite you to look into this opportunity and spend some time developing your opening skills.


With this new Training Program each Chess Club member can create and manage his/her individualized opening repertoire and train at his/her own pace to learn solid opening skills using spaced repetition that probably outpaces the playing of hundreds of games in a few weeks of effort.


Getting Started


For your first repertoires, select and use the files that I have already loaded for you. Later on you can evolve those files to suit your preferred playing style.


If your ChessTempo account doesn't have the current files pre-loaded, download the following three repertoire files to a known directory on your computer:

white rep 10-03-2018

black rep 10-04-2018

black sic rep 10-11-2018

black qp rep 10-16-2018


In ChessTempo, select New Repertoire > {paste} white rep 10-03-2018.pgn> WHITE Rep> PRIVATE >


and New Repertoire >{paste} black rep 10-04-2018.pgn > black rep 10-04-2018 > PRIVATE and New Repertoire >{paste} black sic rep 10-11-2018.pgn > black sic rep > PRIVATE


You will now have the current repertoires in your list: If not, figure out how to do it correctly, or let me know andd I will try to help you. I may not have been completely clear with my instructions, but the procedure is straightforward. ChessTempo will save your repertoire files so that you will not have to reload them again each time you log in.


Click to open or close the opening tree, which is essentially your answer sheet.


You can set the depth at which you want to train. Do so easily by clicking the little blue icon to the right of the 'Train Branch ' button and click 'Settings' Click 'Maximum learning depth, type in '3', and close the pop-up window.


Please play with this new ChessTempo feature and get back to me re. any problems you encounter. This will really help you learn to be a better chessplayer, and this is the specific area where we as a team need the most help right now.


After you have worked with these preliminary files, you might want to discuss potential improvements with, who will work with you in that regard.