Algebraic Notation Verification Procedure


1. Add AnalyzeThis directory to Android phone.


Attach phone to PC.


Access phone's root directory


Add AnalyzeThis directory.


2. Create PGN file.


Open Analyze This app on your phone.


Hit 'nine-spot' icon, and hit 'New Board'.


Input your game move-by-move.


Hit 'nine-spot' icon and hit 'Save'.


Enter data: White, Black, Tournament, Place. Hit or enter 'Date'.


Hit 'Choose File'.


Hit AnalyzeThis directory


Hit 'three-spot' icon, and hit 'Create New PGN'.


Enter filename: e.g. jerry siang 090618


Hit 'OK'.


Popup Screen appears 'Save to jerry siang 090618.pgn


Hit 'Save'.


3. Email file to jerryi.


Open Gmail. Enter the following:




Subj: jerry siang 09162018.pgn


Hit 'paper-clip' icon


Find AnalyzeThis directory, and hit jerry siang 09162018.pgn


Hit paper-airplane icon to send email.