Advance Tournament Description and Distribution of Announcements


Procurement of tournament chess sets (DISD contact?)


Facilities (Conrad or Tasby)


1) Tournament room with chess sets on numbered boards, tables, chairs, individual game report sheets, pencils, tournament management computer with WinTD, printer, backup computer (data backup and transfer via USB stick). 2) Waiting area for players, coaches, families outside the tournament room where between-rounds games are played (assigned tables for each club)


3) Refreshments - Can we get Club Member parent volunteers?


4) Registration section. Handle participant roster and payments - 3 or 4 people for the first hour or so? Registration staff to handle 150 participants in four divisions (20-50 players per division): K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12.


WinTD uses master file of potential registrants from which to validate participants for each division. At least two trained personnel (preferably coaches or friends of the club rather than club members) should be familiar with the program, knowing how to prepare and print pairing lists before each round, efficiently enter individual game results during each round, prepare and print individual and team results after each round,determine final results, prep to conduct wrap-up program at end of day.


Host school Support Personnel Requirements


Signs and Posters


Pre-tournament Rules Discussion: team member requirements, deportment, cellphones, touch-move, en passant, to conflict handling, protests, suggestions, byes, late shows, round skips. Myriad details follow:


Sales of chess sets and equipment (pieces, boards, bags)


Marketing - Potential to conduct tournaments for other schools


Trophies: First, Second, Third Place Individual for each division include ties(include bona-fide trophy for each tie for third place, e.g. 5, 4.5 4,4,4 => First(5), Second(4.5), Third(4), Third(4), Third(4). 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4) => First(5), Second(5), Third(4), Third(4), Third(4), Third(4). Translation: Buy lots of third-place trophies or provide later.


Door prizes: chess set for one first-time tournament contestant in each division.


First, Second, Third Place Team for each division (no trophies for ties).