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Email jerryATsbranchDOTorg for details re. using this free player ranking program at your school or local chess club.


Kibitzer (n. Yiddish): a person who offers (often unwanted) advice or commentary. The term is used for a non-participant spectator in chess and other games. The verb 'kibitz' can also refer to idle chatting or side conversations (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kibitzer) index.php


Definitions: prospect, candidate, provisional member, full member.


Anyone who signs up for Chess Club and attends a club session is a prospect. A prospect becomes a chess club candidate after (s)he attends three Chess Club meetings.


Each Chess Club candidate will be assigned a ct username. That candidate must then play and finish an online game with a coach, and the candidate must demonstrate that (s)he can email a ChessTempo PGN file to Coach Jerry to achieve provisional member status.


Full membership is awarded to Chess Club members who attain ChessTempo 'active status' re. Standard Tactics problems. Those members are given priority consideration for tournament activity.


Provisional members are required to work on ChessTempo problems and cannot play online against other members during Chess Club meetings until they achieve ChessTempo active status. All members have a responsibility to maintain ChessTempo active status. Those who do not maintain active status may be demoted to provisional status.


All candidate members must assume responsibility to 'catch up' with the program with minimal disturbance to the progress of other Chess Club members.