ChessTempo Gold Membership Contest Awards


Congratulations to the following Senior Members, who have been awarded one-year Gold ChessTempo Memberships, based on their Tactics Ratings as of November 12, 2017:

Zar (ct.zar.k) 1109
Seng (ct.seng.m) 1112
Aung (ct.aung) 1160
Siang (ct.siang.c) 1201
Mohammad (mohammad7) 1496


Congratulations to our two new Senior Members, Htway and Michael. They have recently attained 1100 ChessTempo Tactics Ratings. When they reach 1150 they will receive free one-year Gold ChessTempo Memberships.


As of 11/23/17 10:00 AM, I am waiting for the following players to move: ct.adrianna.m, ct.alexis.h, ct.alligator, ct.apple, ct.august, ct.bluebird, ct.david.h, ct.diamond, ct.echo, ct.edgar, ct.franklin, ct.garlic, ct.htway, ct.iceberg, ct.jessica.j, ct.kilo, ct.leonardo, ct.lima, ct.mango, ct.naomi.p, ct.paul.anthony, ct.prat, ct.rahmo, ct.rodrigo.h, ct.seng.m, ct.zar.k, ct.zulu, mohammad7. If you are not on this list, you probably have failed to respond to a challenge from me.


Players who either fail to move against any Club Member on their active game list for seven consecutive days or who fail to accept a challenge from another player are subject to dismissal from the Chess Club. Club Members who fail to maintain an active game against jerryi at all times are also subject to dismissal from the Chess Club. It is each player's responsibility to play regularly against all Chess Club opponents. If you do not have an active game in progress against me (jerryi), it is your responsibility to challenge me to avoid dismissal from the Chess Club.


All Senior Members have attained an Active 1100 ChessTempo Tactics Rating. When they reach 1150 they also receive ChessTempo Gold Memberships. All Senior Members have a responsibility to maintain an Active Tactics score at or above 1100. They also agree to play regularly against all Chess Club on-line opponents. Notify jerryi if you attain Senior Member Status or Gold Award Status.


Sicilian - Advanced Study


[Suggested moves 9 to 13.5] for our 8-move Sicilian Opening on Page 256, Columns 19-21 in Modern Chess Openings (MCO-14), are:


Col 21 - 9.f4 b5! 10.a4 b4 11.Nd5 Nxd5 12.Qxd5 Qb6+ 13.Kh1 Bb7 14.f3

Col 19 - 9.Kh1 b6 10.Be3 Bb7 11.f3 b5! 12.a4 b4 13.Nd5 Nxd5 14.Qd3

Col 20 - 9.Be3 Be6 10.Qd2 Nbd7 11.a4 Rc8 12.a5 Qc7 13.Rfd1 Rfe8 14.exd5


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Conrad/Tasby Membership Levels:


When you register for Chess Club you will immediately be given Member Intern Status, and your coach will assign you a ChessTempo username and password. That allows you to participate in club activities. With appropriate study and practice you will soon be promoted to Full Member or Senior Member Status. All Conrad/Tasby Chess Club players share the following Goals:


Goal 1 - (5X5)

Play at least five moves each week against at least five Club opponents, including a mandatory game against jerryi at all times. Maintain enough games against Club players to be able to achieve this goal. Our Distinguished Players List includes all Coaches and Senior Members who will respond daily or more frequently to all of their online ChessTempo games. The List includes Coach Jerry (jerryi), Coach Gibson (csgibson88), Mohammad (mohammad7), Coach Keonine (ct.keonine), Coach Mancuso (ct.mancuso), Aung (ct.aung), Seng (ct.seng.m), Siang (ct.siang.c), and . and Zar (ct.zar.k). All Club Players (Intern, Full Member, or Senior Member) are welcome and encouraged to challenge any or all of these Distinguished Players. Anyone else who is interested in volunteering to be added to this list should contact a chess coach,



Goal 2 - (RD60)

Solve ChessTempo Standard Tactics problems on a regular basis to gradually develop your chess skills. Solve enough problems each week to keep your RD consistently below 60 so that your ChessTempo Tactics Status stays 'Active',


Goal 3 - (Member)

Upon reaching Goals 1 and 2 you will be promoted to Member Status. However, if you do not discipline yourself to work problems and play online games against other Club Members on a daily basis, you may be subject to dismissal from the Chess Club for lack of interest,


Goal 4 (Senior Member)

Maintain an Active ChessTempo Standard Tactics rating above 1100 for continuing Senior Member Status.


Each Club player must demonstrate reasonable effort to meet the above goals. Evidence of insufficient interest in chess, (e.g. failure to move against each online opponent within seven days or failure to work at least five Tactics problems in each calendar week) will be subject to dismissal from the Chess Club.